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Sharath and Narasimhan's journey.

Sharath having known Narasimhan for over three decades demonstrated a trend blazing solution to Narasimhan with a simple user interface and concept explaining that he intends to provide a simple business solution to SMEs in India who can not afford expensive business solutions.

As soon as Narasimhan saw the approach and solution paths which sharath had conceived and demonstrated, Narasimhan, with his over three decades of senior corporate strategic and sales expereince, was convinced that they have a winner application which had the potential to become the next big game changer in corporate business solutions. Narasimhan coined the name I-nu-IT! to the solution

With over 18 million SMEs in India driving 40% GDP of the country, both of them felt that this concept should be commercialized immediately. Narasimhan agreed to angel fund it till the first prototype level and asked Sharath to exit from his assignment as a Sr VP in a software company and concentrate on development of prototype.

Sharath, with a technical back ground of over two decades having executed several software projects during his career started to work independently and came out with the first functional UIs which was liked by Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) of Government of India, and asked Sharath to submit the innovation for "India Innovation 2011" competition for best innovative technologies.

Sharath Gold Medal Sharath won the prestigious Gold Medal for India Innovation 2011 award.

With a total combined experience at senior levels of over fifty five man years of experience the promoters have already got orders in pipe line of over 300 locations in India. It is being now projected for active promotion at UN level as many countries are seeing the advantage in using an application for the corporates which is easy, economical and quick in implementation

M H Narasimhan, CEO

is the angel investor to this initiative, Over 30 Years in Senior Management in Strategy, Sales and Marketing. He is a practicing CEO Coach and is the Founder- CEO of Naramax Consultants Pvt Ltd,a boutique consulting organisation.

Sharath Chander Punthambekar, CTO

is the innovator of this application. He has designed, developed and implemented this application and holds the exclusive rights of the intellectual property of this application. Copyright of this application by Sharath is under process. Sharath Chander has an experience of Over 25 Years in software industry in Strategy, Technical and Senior Management.


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