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Welburn Candles Pvt. Ltd.

A designer candle manufactuerer who exports 100% to USA gladly confirmed to the alha user for I-nu-IT. He has indicated to implement i nu it in multiple locations in India for his retail outlets. His factory is manged by SAP and he is confident that I-nu-IT will provide the quality on line information.

User Feed Back on Training - Mr Suresh Babu

You Tube feedback of Suresh Kumar

Dear All,

It was really a great experience at the I Nu it office yesterday. I really enjoyed the training programme, also learning and understanding the new technology called ajail.(Agile) I learned many new things and definitely looking forward to apply it. I had a nice interacton with Mr.Sharath it really helped broaden my views . Also I would like to express my appreciation for the hospitality. I would like to thank our directors giving such opportunity and I am sure this software will help us to run the business smoothly and effectively.

Regards Suresh

NB : Sharathji looking forward to implement the software asap. Thanks once again As discussed I have already shared my experience to our accounts person he will inform you the date for attending the programme.

sent as email by suresh

User Feed Back on Training - Mr Dinesh

You Tube feedback of Dinesh

Dear All,

I am happy to share yesterday's meeting with Mr. Sharath of I Nu It regarding the new software introduction program, this would really help us to run our business smoothly and also helps our management to take a quick decision. This software is WIP (Work in progress) this software intro will show you how to log in, how to create Manufacturer/Supplier/distributor/product information/edit/report etc..and also facilitate to provide feedback to make it more meaningful to day to day operations. And we have also added some more information to the software that shows the available stocks at factory at any given point of time which will be ready shortly..

I would like to thank Sharath for providing the demo of the software, also i would like to thank our Director for investing in a such a technology oriented software to help to run the business smoothly.

sent as email by dinesh


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