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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is I-nu-IT?

Simple Software on the internet which helps small and medium business owner to manage his business, which costs him less than *Rs 5 per day per user.

What does I-nu-IT do?

Automates Bills, Inventory, Purchases, Payments, Receipts, Good Receipts, Credit and debit Notes, Daily Tasks.

How will it benefit Common Man?

  • Employees are productive in a short time
  • Quick information enables better decision making
  • Simple UI allows quick adoption of the software
  • No duplication of work. Data exposure on need basis
  • Can be operated even from home. Needs only an internet connection.
  • Affordable. *May cost less than Rs 5 per day per user
  • Quick implementation, Easy to learn, Economical
  • Manages 12 critical business metrics

How will I-nu-IT change the way I do my business?

  • Users need not wait for accounts person to tell customers balance.
  • Payment follow ups will be more proactive.
  • Suppliers balance is available on line.
  • Pending customer status and many such information is avialable by click of button.
  • Follow up tasks are streamlined.
  • Most of the manual operations will be streamlined and process driven.

What excites us about I-nu-IT?

  • Quick to Implement - Just 5 days
  • Simple to Use - Story Line Menus
  • Cutting Edge Technology - Ruby on Rails
  • Really Economical - Just *Rs 5 per user per day (Less than 25 Cents per user per day)
  • International I18n - English, Spanish, Arabic
  • Indian Multi Lingual - Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam and other Indian regional languages


helps you mind your business with one single click